Phase 2: Tax Preparation

If you’ve done Phase 1 correctly, Phase 2: Tax preparation becomes easier.  Tax preparation is always more than putting numbers on a return.  Our approach is different than other firms because of what we do:
  • By partnering with our clients and understanding where the numbers came from, we have vital information to use in conjunction with our tax plan from the earlier phase. This way we minimize taxable income.
  • We start taking action on our plan immediately- so when the tax deadline comes around we are ready to prepare your return by the deadline.
  • We also take great care toward our clients’ information. We have a commercial grade safe portal to keep documents and our clients’ information safe.
  • We prepare:
  • Business Taxes: (1065, 1120,1120S, & 990)
  • Personal Taxes: (1040 and all supporting schedules, i.e., Schedule C, A, E etc. )
  • State & Local Taxes: Sales Taxes, Payroll Taxes, Property Tax Renditions.
  • State Franchise Tax and State Tax Returns
  • Tax Return Amendments: (For previously filed returns that were incorrect)