Phase 1: Tax Planning

Navigating tax laws can be complicated. It’s crucial to be educated, have experience, and keep the end in mind: reducing your tax liability and maximizing your available capital for other business areas. Also, always remember, tax planning is not just for the current tax year. A good tax plan takes multiple years into account with multiple scenarios. PFS can do this for you..
Our promises to you as we plan together:
  • Educate – PFS will educate ourselves on the variables currently impacting your (our client’s) books. We will also explore short and long range goals.
  • Advocate – PFS will then present to our clients what tax savings are available and what changes can be made to maximize tax savings. We fight hard and within the law to provide you the most savings possible.
  • Administrate – Finally, PFS will oversee the changes necessary to justify the tax savings in the current year and provide quarterly checkups in future years to ensure the client’s books remain in compliance with the tax savings plan.

Year-End Projections

Tax Strategies

Lower Your Tax Bill