Planning + Preparation + Progress

Paige Financial takes a hands-on approach to working with our clients.
There are 3 distinct phases, and they all add value:

Phase 1: Tax Planning

“Always plan your work and work your plan”
– Napoleon Hill

Tax planning his is a vital part because by taking information about our clients, knowledge of the tax code, and using technology and hard work, Paige Financial Services produces a tax efficient plan that helps our clients pay the lowest amount of taxes possible.

Our goal in tax planning is to fight hard and within the law to reduce our clients’ tax liability and maximizing their available capital for other areas.

Phase 2: Tax Preparation

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”
– Benjamin Franklin

Tax preparation on its own is fairly straightforward – if you’re only putting numbers in a return – and that’s what many firms do. But there is much more to accurate tax return preparation than putting numbers on a schedule. Paige Financial Services does more than that though. By partnering with our clients’ and understanding where the numbers came from, we can combine that with our tax planning phase to minimize taxable income.

We also take great care in our clients’ information. This includes having a bank level safe portal that keeps documents and our clients’ information safe.

Phase 3: Progress

“A lack of focus leads to a lack of progress. Focus. Grind. Grow.”

Sometimes it is hard to see the forest for the trees. Leveraging our years and years of experience working with clients to improve their organizations, Paige Financial Services offers a suite of business advisory services, including business planning, salary audits, process documentation among others. Our goal is to “fix what hurts” for our clients. By giving business owners the tools to work on their business, we help them achieve progress.

Paige Financials Services delivers value to our clients via our business advisory services, allowing them to achieve their goals, and ultimately gives them a clear competitive advantage over their competition.


Paige Financial Services will partner with you–our client–to deliver solid tax planning, accurate tax returns, and purposeful business advising to strengthen your overall financial position.

Paige Financial Services provides comprehensive tax planning and preparation for your personal & business tax needs.

Our slogan at PFS is comprised of “Three Ps”: planning, preparation, and progress. These are the steps in approaching taxes responsibly.

Look forward to the upcoming tax season with confidence that we’ll have you covered every step of the way.

Our Mission Statement

Paige Financial Services will enhance our clients’ financial position through strategic tax planning, competent tax preparation, and innovative business advisory services.

Our skilled team will deliver superior services to our clients using the following core values:

Our Integrity

We will always operate with honesty and integrity in the delivery of our services.

Our Clients

We develop relationships that make a difference. We will win together.

Our Approach

By proactively advocating for our clients’ needs, we strive to exceed their needs and expectations.

Our Quality

Our technical competency will always be at the highest level.

Our Commitment

We will remain current on emerging issues and strategies that matter to our clients.

Our Competitiveness

We want to win as long as winning aligns with our values.

Our Communities

We are good neighbors in our communities.

Our Team

We will provide an environment that promotes a work/life balance for our employees while recognizing and rewarding high performance.

Our Accountability

We will hold ourselves accountable. If we say it, we do it.